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An individual who has tendencies to become obsessive about their interest and Hobbies. Nerd will usually become obsessed with certain genres, TV shows, films, books, video games, or technology and will involve them/it in as much of their lives as they can, even using obscure references to their interests in conversation.

They will re-watch episodes and movies and re-read books multiple times and follow the series closely. They will buy all the related merchandise, often collecting and keeping it in mint-condition. They will attend conventions, commonly while dress as their favourite characters.

There is a social stigma towards nerds, particularly in schools. Since nerds tend to obsess over particular things, usually things that are unpopular, they will often go unaware of current popular trends and are view by others to be uncool for their alternative interests.

Nerds are commonly viewed as very intelligent due to their hunger for information.
"That Dexter is such a nerd. He's always talking about star wars and other sci-fi stuff."
"I here he also goes to conventions all the time and will dress up as characters from movies"
"What a Nerd"
by Migrane0 March 30, 2012

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