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The best cure for a deep rectal itch.
-My ass itches.
--Got some carrots in the fridge.
by MightyMcGloin May 15, 2010
1.) Noun. - A tenacious sexual maneuver in which the man dives legs first onto a female's face and wraps his legs around her head in a death grip, presenting her with a faceful of brillo, much like the spikes of a porcupine. A few direct punches to the forehead may be necessary to maintain control of said female. Release is often encouraged after the female passes out or projectile vomits. However, Furry Vengeance can also be used as a preliminary move. Also see Alligator Fuckhouse and Space Docking.

2.) Noun. - See Tom Selleck
Greg: Dude my girlfriend's cheating on me. Fuckin bitch.

Chris: Its alright man just grow a canopy, lay down the law and show her Furry Vengeance.
by MightyMcGloin May 13, 2010
V. - To violently beat your girlfriend to death and then immediately roll dice in a back alley with your homeboys.

Also see O.J. Simpson
-Woman, I would Chris Brown ur ass right now if I had 8 dollars.
by MightyMcGloin May 12, 2010

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