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The kind of dancing one does when deeply inebriated, e.g.: swaying, staggering, stepping on toes, and the tendency to perform inappropriate hula dances.
He drank so much liquor last night, he was jexing all over the disco.
by Mieja Moran January 20, 2003
A visionary or seer; one whose life is strongly shaped by chance and coincidence; a person whose life is seemingly random.
Never get on the bad side of an immajer, or you may find karma biting you on the butt.
by Mieja Moran January 20, 2003
One who walks around with food on his or her head, most especially foods of a pudding-like consistency.
I shouldn't have given that dagrak my bowl of pudding; he's wearing it, now.
by Mieja Moran January 20, 2003
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