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A nickname for Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. For if Mitt Romney becomes United States President, people (other than rich Republicans) will be too poor to afford anything to eat except for ramen noodles.
Kid: Mommy, I want steak for dinner!
Mother: Sorry baby. We only have ramen noodles.
Kid: why?
Mother: Because President Mitt Ramen Noodles took away our welfare and we can't afford anything else.
by MidnyteJ November 06, 2012
Never Ending Forehead; someone with an extremely large forehead and a hairline that makes them look like their forehead never ends.
Girl 1: Eww! Did you see the forehead on that guy?!

Girl 2: Yeah!! The shine off of that NEFH almost blinded me!
by MidnyteJ July 10, 2012

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