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8 definitions by Midget

racist honkey
by midget August 22, 2003
a decent caring individual who is often misunderstood...
someone who also cares for other peoples feelings, and has some maturity
he rarely feels the need to backstab...
by midget April 22, 2004
One who loves long hard penises
A big penis came up to routtenberg, and he couldn't resist
by Midget June 30, 2003
A technically advanced manouver involving swinging your nuts and nob back and forth and when they are on the way back you (gently) close your legs leaving a fruit salad at the back and a mangina at the front... ("look m'a no hands!")
Refer one of Jackass volumes (dont remember which one)
by Midget October 11, 2004
crazy fun
wow mooning the moon was pachingidy
by Midget December 21, 2002
crazy fun
mooning the moon was pachingidy
by midget December 22, 2002
long-haired fuck
by midget August 22, 2003