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Kavia is supposedly the name of a very very unknown, uncommon Greek or roman goddess, though I have yet to find the goddess despite my hours upon hours of searching.

Kavia is the best friend you could ever ask for. She is aggressive. But this is to your advantage. She will most definitely stand up for you if you are friends. Not kidding, like, hit a girl in the head with a dictionary, aggressive! Probably the temper associated with her bright red hair.

Kavia gets jealous easily, but she's most likely better than you in every way possible already (or thinks she is)...so don't worry about it.

Kavia is also insanely skinny. You will be worried at one point in your friendship about her eating habits, but I assure you, she IS eating, A LOT! She just has some creepy ability to never gain a pound.

At the end of the day, Kavia is a great friend that is good for you to have, keep her around. After a while, she'll be done dealing with your crap, and will give up on you. So be sure to make an effort.
Dude! Kavia totally just beat up that chick!
by Middles November 04, 2012

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