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An awesome little dancing and singing crocodile. (Way better than the crazy frog.)
"Shnee Shnaa Schnappy, Schnappy, Schnappy Shnai!
#shnappy #krocodil #hehehe #radical #schnap schnap
by MiddleFingerRings January 01, 2006
A peculiar word, often used when nothing is left to say, can be used as an insult.
"You are such a shnaf."
#schnaf #asshole #dickhead #crappy #terrible
by MiddleFingerRings January 01, 2006
One of the most important words in a childs life, used when between 12-22 years of age, anyone who uses it after or before that age will a serious arse-whupping by a rather sinister looking giraffe. Only to be used by men or women, nothing in between.
1. "Oh, popshwickle, I forgot my lipstick!"
2. "Popshwickle!"
#popschwickle #popswickle #nocturnal #giraffe #arse-whupping
by MiddleFingerRings January 01, 2006
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