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This word means anything and everything.

This word can be used as 1. n. shnai, 2. v. shnaiing, 3. adj. shnaiful, 4. adv. shnaifully. (pl. shnais)

Note: May be used as a proper noun.
The context of this meaning is: Someone or something that is the most {bomb diggity}.
1. You shnai! What a shnai! Is this a shnai? 2. Was he just shnaiing? Stop shnaiing with me! 3. You are so shnaiful! I love shnaiful people! 4. He is doing that so shnaifully. Stop treating my shnaifully!

Pr. n. I am the Shnai. You are the Shnai.
by Christa Williams December 23, 2003
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