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Zotos is the camera toting videographer for the town of Southbridge. Credits to Zotos’ filmography include, Southbridge Town Council Meetings, The Relay for Life, and Little League Baseball games. Zotos has mastered the art of inserting random, inappropriate, and often awkward background music into his recordings of local events. You know you are watching a “Zotos” flic if the camera zooms in on the face of a young girl displaying looks of disgust and confusion as if she had just caught a creepy old man videotaping her as the theme from “Growing Pains” plays in the background. Zotos can be identified by his long grey locks and “mustache”, musty smell, and the unnatural uneasiness you feel when within 50 yards of the man. Zotos has a similar facial bone structure to that of Splinter the mutant ninja rat who was sensei to the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
Zotos was in his prime in the Barber Shop music videos of 2004
by MicrowavedElephant August 09, 2006
Pierluigi Collina is the infamous bald soccer referee with the body features of an alien. The love child of ET and Mr. Clean, Collina has cemented himself as the premier referee in the world of football.
Pierluigi Collina can stop Chuck Norris' roundhouse with one stiff red card.
by MicrowavedElephant June 24, 2006

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