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The moment you realize that you actually did shit your pants.
I was talking to my boss and thought I had slipped one out unnotice when I had my Texas epiphany.
by Micro67 May 08, 2010
A french prince is an injury received from being felated by a person with a pierced tongue. An unintentional Prince Albert.
Man, I had to go to the hospital last night. Some chick I met at the bar gave me a french prince.
by Micro67 May 06, 2010
A derogatory term used by women to describe sexual partners who have attempted anal intercourse without previously discussion.
Mary: I went out with paul last night (sigh)
Jane: Paul, you should have talked to me first. He's a stink ninja.
Mary: You got that right. I won't shit right for a week.
by Micro67 May 15, 2010
The disapointment felt when woken up by a blowjob only to look down and realize it is being administered by your uncle.
I was having a great dream about the milf next dore only to realize it was a festering nightmare.
by Micro67 May 07, 2010
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