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A sexual maneuver in which one gathers a crowd of 98 blue collar workers, removes there pubes and then puts them into a jar. After vaccum packing the pubes, they are stored for 10-15 years, and placed in the vagina's of the aging Ms. Bringman. She has three. Or four. One of them belongling to the late ODB. After the "pubes" have grown to full length they are enjoyed with cheese, maybe wine

I like my James MckInney Mircro-waved.....

by MickeyRourke November 26, 2004
A sexual maneuver where one eats bad food and vomits into the female vagina during oral sex.
Oh my god, my boyfriend totally fed my hungry last night... it burned for hours!
by MickeyRourke November 28, 2004
A very friendly stoner who offers her son's friends food... ALL THE TIME.
Did you just see Coleman's mom rockin' the Ganj!?
by MickeyRourke November 26, 2004
A hulking vehicle who often hits those who are in need of something drastic in their lives. Often that change is paralysis or death. You probably know somebody who was hit by one.
That fucker got hit by the Jesus Bus REAL good.
by mickeyrourke February 25, 2005
This is a promiscuous sexual maneuver that involves bears, alarm clocks, vodka and hair. VERY dangerous
That chick so totally did the russian bathtub to my mom!
by MickeyRourke November 26, 2004
A porn involving a black lady being bathed by James MckInney
I pulled a carolyn to ethnic cleansing.
by MickeyRourke November 26, 2004
A female who listens to emo. Generally characterized by cut wrists, well tamed black hair covering one or more eyes, and large amounts of black. Often proclaims world's hatred of herself.
WARNING: Emo chicks are known to be constantly horny
"Dude, I totally fucked julia last night"
"Well duh, she's an Emo chick! She's always horny"
by MickeyRourke November 28, 2004
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