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1. (noun) A popular lunch concoction consisting of two or more pieces of bread with various meats, cheeses or condiments in between them. Derived from Earl of Sandwich of England who is said to have first popularized the meal in the 18th century.

2. (verb) To compress something with force between two other objects.

3. (noun) A vile, old woman who practices Wicca and lives on the beach. Easily identified by nose wart and close proximity to shoreline.

4. (noun) A sexual situation involving three people, mostly metaphorical. Literally, it is a sexual position in such a gathering where one person receives sexual stimulation from one person below them, and the other participant above them; usually a female between two males where her vagina and anus are penetrated by each male simultaneously.
1. "Angus was making me a peanut butter sandwich and he dropped a slice face down in the dirt so I made him eat it."

2. "When the train came to a sudden stop I was sandwiched between two fat guys with an armpit in my face. That's why I smell like this."

3. KID: "Daddy! I saw a sandwich!"
DAD: "Don't be silly, boy."

4. I'd sandwich Tanya if she was the one who asked for it, but since it was Howard's idea then he's a fuckin' meat gazer.
#wicca #threesome #manage a' trois #group sex #lunch #baloney #ham #cheese #beach
by Mickey Nation November 15, 2006
1. (noun) A dog that has horns like a moose.

2. (noun) A person who is highly addicted to sex and attempts it as often as possible with just about anyone, but usually a partner or spouse. Such person will often use innuendo with several people throughout the course of a day in hopes of achieving a sexual situation with at least one of them.

3. (noun) A term that is sometimes used by one who does not exactly have a handle on the English language when what they meant to say was 'corn dog.'
1. At Christmas, Wayne created his beer fund by renting out his horn dog to the Santa Claus display at the mall.

2. OFFICE MAIL CLERK: Boy, that new receptionist sure is a horn dog.
BOSS: Really?

3. When Pierre ordered a horn dog, everyone began to laugh hysterically.
#dog #animal #horned #horny #randy
by Mickey Nation December 22, 2006
1. A security guard hired to protect cattle from rustlers.

2. A man who enjoys observing another man's penis without permission, usually in public washrooms and showers.

3. A derogatory term for a homosexual man.

4. A person who has a fetish for excessively large vaginal lips and/or a protruding clitoris. (see flower or labia)
1. "Bob. Wake up. It looks like the ol' piss-tank meat gazer finally passed out. I'm going in to hiest that heffer behind him. Watch my back."

2. "I seen you checking out my crotch, you meat gazer!"

3. "Hey Jim, be careful. I'm pretty sure the bus driver is a meat gazer cuz he smiled at me."

4. "I seen you checking out my pee flaps, you meat gazer!"
#homosexual #fag #poofter #security guard #night watchman #lesbian
by Mickey Nation November 12, 2006
1. (noun) A person who pretends to display physical excertion amongst a group that is carrying a large heavy object, where in reality that person is not contributing to the collective strength at all.
1. Nobody passed Smitty a beer after we moved the piano because everyone knew he was just a fake-lifter.
#wuss #pee-wee #k-fed #freeloader #sandwich maker
by Mickey Nation January 06, 2007
1. (noun) A lazy cowboy who neglects their duties on a farm or ranch.

2. (noun) A rural person in an urban environment, such as an office, who's mannersisms are notably different, less competitive, and often performed at a slower pace than the urbanites. The term may be used in either an endearing or insulting way.

3. (verb) The act of pressing one's finger against a domesticated bovine for the purpose of testing the quality of meat or just for fun. Usually the index finger is used.

4. (noun)(slang) A male person with a tendency to have sex with only overweight females.
1. "Umm...Ma? I saw the cowpoke fishing at the river with no pants on I think."

2. BOSS: Hey, cowpoke. I need 25 copies of this report.
COWPOKE: You're funny, Mister Wilson. I like you.
BOSS: Actually, I'm serious. I need them before the staff meeting.
COWPOKE: Well. I'll see what I can do. Heh heh heh.

3. Leanne secretly watched Andy as his cowpokes seemed like more than just cowpokes lately.

4. After picking him up from his mom's motel room that morning, Bennie surprised Jay by calling him a cowpoke.
#dog fucker #country bumpkin #lazy ass #meat prodder #flab blaster
by Mickey Nation October 13, 2007
1. (noun) Term for an imaginary device that delivers punishment to one who has presented a sub-standard idea or has committed a critical error. Literally, such discipline may be presented in the form of a harsh lecture.

2. (noun) A mechanical device outfitted with several army boots on a rotating wheel used for automated physical punishment. The receiver is strapped into a stationary position to recieve repeated mechanical kicks to the buttocks until they have realized the error of their ways. Sometimes used for pleasure in sexual situations.

3. (adjective) Slang term used for an athlete or a sports team known for winning by a large margin in competition.

4. (adjective) Slang term used to describe a person of unusually great strength and physical prowess.
1. The Principal was determined to strap at least one of them into the ass kicking machine as he knew they were responsible for filling his gas tank with sand.

2. The ass kicking machine stalled on the 32nd stroke, so Wanda's loose caboose had less bruises than last week.

3. Walter sat eating a sandwich and wondered why he betted against the ass kicking machine that the German Women's Bowling league was.

4. Dude, I'm out. The bouncer is an ass kicking machine and he knows you fucked his girlfriend last year.
#discipline #lecture #prowess #team sports #bowling
by Mickey Nation January 10, 2007
1. (noun) Slang term for a penis usually used in the context of sexuality.

2. (noun) A pointed instrument thrown for distance in competitive sports similar to a javelin but is made of a viscous material and rarely sticks in the ground on impact. Much less popular than a wood harpoon or a steel harpoon. Can also be used in hunting but is rarely effective as it usually bounces off the animal being hunted.

SMITTY: So? Would you throw Ugly Betty the ol' goo harpoon or what?
WAYNE: Naw, man. Not unless I had about ten beers in me.


The Swedish athlete was disqualified because he tripped over his own goo harpoon.
#spam javelin #pink torpedo #hairy banjo #meat popsicle #purple helmet
by Mickey Nation February 08, 2007
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