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An adjective used to convey a large amount of badass-ness.
Dude have you heard the new Slayer album? Total facemelter!
by Mick Fly August 27, 2007
a slang term for Texas, coined by locals who try and articulate what it means to both love and hate the world in which they live.
My father has lived here his entire life, he's never escaped the vortexas.
by Mick Fly July 19, 2006
Southern slang for testicles, particularly hairy, tanned sacs.

This term purportedly originated at a high school in Denton, Texas where "Tater Skinz" potato chips were sold in the vending machines. Students eating the chips noted how the chips resembled hairy testicles.
Freaky Freddy wore shorts today and his tater skins were showing.
by Mick Fly July 10, 2006
colloquial slang term for a redneck -- specifically a southern redneck -- or shitkicker. This term was coined because so many rednecks incessantly say "me too, man" in a heavy southern drawl, as a retort to almost anything.
Shit, they gave them mexican brick-layers a raise and I was like me-too man.
by Mick Fly July 19, 2006
similar to a "golden shower," where one urinates on another during sex. This name references Robert Mapplethorpe's famous artwork "PissChrist," where the artist pissed in a jar containing a crucifix and took a photo of it.
While Ted was banging Brenda, she told him "piss on me!" So he pulled out and gave her a Mapplethorpe.
by Mick Fly November 07, 2006
the act of shooting someone with whom you are related by blood. like when marvin gaye's father shot him, or when uncle junior shot tony in season 6 of the sopranos.
Your uncle Marvin Gaye'd you're not even mad?
by Mick Fly July 10, 2006
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