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195 definitions by Michelle

quick sex done in an alley behind a bar. see the book anglea's ashes for reference. first chapter
by Michelle August 21, 2003
come from sweet fanny adamsand means bugger all, or nothing...
whilst I have been working hard all day, you have down sweet FA
by MICHELLE October 15, 2003
Mary gave Bob knowledge lastnight
by Michelle September 05, 2002
A bitchin book about Teens in upper Manhatan. Love this book it's so better then harry Pothead.
Blair the bitch, Serna the hottie, Nate the Stoner, Jenny 9th grader with big boobs. What eles does this book need.
by Michelle September 16, 2004
Odessa, located in Ukraine. According to the people who were born there, the city is the capital of the world. And since the world doesnt know it yet, the many odessits immigrated to other countries to spread the word.
Pirogi is the wrong name given by Polish people to Ukrainian vareniki. So now you know. (: The best Ukrainian food can be found in Odessa.
by Michelle June 18, 2006
An Asian person who acts like a black person.
Chigga 1: Yo wassup homie dawg?
Black person: Get me some soy sauce, motherfucker!
by Michelle January 24, 2005
Tough Shit
Damn! Thats t.s. for you
by Michelle June 25, 2003