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195 definitions by Michelle

sexual favours
dan got his tings last night
by michelle November 02, 2003
sweet, white, sticky, candy
evan mispronounces "nougat" each time he says it. according to him, it sounds like "nugget".
by michelle February 09, 2004
One who screws with people's emotions.
When person C asks out person L while person T is going out with C, Person C is emotional fuckwittage.
by Michelle October 02, 2003
used to express an overall feeling of blehness and just not really giving a Crap. it is neither happy nor sad. it just i s.
Eeeh...to be honest, i'd rather not make out with you. sorry.
by Michelle February 07, 2003
a person who spends all free and paid time online talking with others who are obsessive compulsive as well..generally having no job...no life..or teeth. Living life precariously behind a keyboard..waking up to pee and see whats up online.
Shes not fat shes a chatter.
by Michelle October 16, 2003
The name for a song that you hear once and can't get out of your head all day. More often than not, it is a song you hate!
by MICHELLE October 15, 2003
Being really pissed off.
Going to that banquet which was supposed to last three hours, but actually lasted five hours really gave me the red ass.
by Michelle May 15, 2003