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195 definitions by Michelle

Bored Outta My Mind
There is nothing to do i am BOMM...
by Michelle December 20, 2003
22 4
Being really pissed off.
Going to that banquet which was supposed to last three hours, but actually lasted five hours really gave me the red ass.
by Michelle May 15, 2003
46 28
adj. Extremely and competely cool.
Dude, that's Mantasmagorical!
by Michelle June 04, 2004
23 7
my bust means like my bad, i'm sorry..or like oops didnt mean to do that
oooooo "My bust"!
by michelle October 22, 2003
26 10
like omg.. but better, because there's gooses involved.
bob just got in leg.
by michelle April 19, 2004
66 51
hateful, harsh, hard, rough, tough, lonely, fightful, angry, battle of love and friendships, worst yet best years of your life
In highschool, you have many different emotions; youre loved, hated, lonely,angry, happy...all at the same time. Its like a deep, dark, never ending...depression.
by Michelle November 18, 2004
23 11
A small patch of light between two curtains.
"Look, there's a streep in the window."
by Michelle January 15, 2004
38 25