196 definitions by Michelle

Adj. Extremely huge
Woah! Her ass is progiantiascasmic!
by Michelle June 04, 2004
Supa-fly bitch
Damn, that Looly is HOT!!! I would love to twerk with shit!
by Michelle April 19, 2004
by Michelle November 04, 2003
The act of blowing bubbles in a cup of milk in which a male's balls is inserted therefore producing a erotic sensation.
Those crazy kids shmrugled last night!

I love it when you shmrugle me!
by Michelle March 25, 2005
Tarnya is Michelle's best friend!
She rocks!
Michelle says, "Tarnya rocks!"
by Michelle February 24, 2005
A word used as a pet name between two gay men.
Chris is Danny's sweatie because he licks the sweat of Danny's balls.
by Michelle October 05, 2004
getting ready for somthing
i am finna go to the store and get a candy bar
by michelle July 16, 2004

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