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A non-alcoholic drink consisting of sprite/other limey softdrink and cherry syrup. With ice. And a cherry or two thrown in. They're really good.
You're too young to get drunk and have a hangover, Billy! Go get a Shirley Temple!
by Laura December 29, 2003
A sexual act when an adult female pretends to be a minor for the purpose of paedophilic sexual fantasy as popularised by the British television show Cracker.
That old perv down the road keeps bringing home prostitutes and has them dress up as little girls. Sure, for now it's just a harmless Shirley Temple, but it's only a matter of time before he goes after the real thing.
by S21 May 25, 2009
A Golden Shower from a female on her period
I was so drunk and horny, I let her give me a Shirley Temple last night.
by Junebug925 May 24, 2015
The act of a male finishing inside the mouth of a female and the proceeding to punch her in the nose. The mix of cum and blood in her mouth creats a soft pink color like that of the drink.
Last night I gave Cindy a Shirley temple. Her nose is never going to be straight again.
by GeorgeWKush October 27, 2013
The most delicious of all the sex acts done by man and woman. To complete this sex maneuver, the female must be a virgin. The man takes a swig of sprite and holds it in his mouth, then pops the girl's cherry and spits the sprite in her vagina. The man then puts his hand over the vagina and shakes it up, then goes down on the girl, drinking the blood and sprite mix. And there you have it. A Shirley Temple.
I gave this virgin a Shirley Temple last night, and it is waaaaaaayyy better than the actual drink.
by DPdestruction November 28, 2013
The Shirley Temple is when you take a can of whip cream and squirt it up a girls vagina. When you have put as much whip cream up there as you can put some cherries and sprinkles up there too. For the ultimate orgasm slide a banana up her pussy. Then you eat the girl out making sure to lick her vaginal tube completely clean. If you cant stretch your tongue that far then make her squat over your face so that it will all drip into your mouth.
Lee: Can we please Shirley Temple? I am super hungry and bored.

Pat: Absolutely! Let me stretch so that I can be prepared to squat
by woner 24/7 May 18, 2011
the act of a golden shower, while the girl is having her period
I was surprised but pleased when Sara gave me a Shirley temple last night
by Thedonald420 December 17, 2010
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