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A lang of British origin with many definitions. Of which are:
1. Worth absolutley nothing
2. A feeble and unsucessful attempt
3. An overall bad experience
4. An interjection of anger, excitement, or disbelief.
1. "It's Mickey mouse mate... and it's worth, a fuckall."
2. I just spent all evening with that girl and got absolutley fuckall out of it.
3. It's so damn windy I couldn't even begin to golf, and it was just a fuckall of a time.
4. Oh fuckall! Did you just grab my ass?
by Michael Vinduska September 19, 2003
An utterence used mainly by apathetic persons or farmers. Used in many cases to display not caring, non understanding, or many other isntances.
"I'm gonna drive your truck of a cliff, you mind?"

"Can you tell me the secret to cold fusion?"

(Two people stare at each other for a long time)

by Michael Vinduska September 18, 2003

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