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The M203 rifle mounted grenade launcher used by newcomers to the videogame Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, specifically its online multiplayer. while requiring no skill or effort, this weapon also barely hurts the user while completely obliterating any who get in its path. This is seen as a cheap weapon only acceptable for use by the worst of players at this particular game.
"Wow he is like a level fifty five and he still uses that cheap-ass noob tube!"
#noob rocket #noob cannon #newb tube #noobish weapons #call of duty 4
A type of moisture so light that the only way you can feel it is by a slight feeling of coolness/warmness.
"Yea, those pants I just got out of the dryer are still kind of moysh."
#moist #wet #moish #moysh pime #moyshish
Forcefully talking to somebody and making them listen to you, even though that person has no will or intent to listen to what you are saying.
Wow! he like wouldn't stop talking to me, it was total ear rape.
#talking #shut up #annoying #ear-rape #loudness
The quality or practice of being a douchebag.
"Wow that guy was like, full of douchebagery!"
#douche #douche bag #dousch #doosh bag #dooshbagery
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