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someone who is quite genuinely awesome, but just doesnt know it yet.

An unaware great person.
Oh she's such a greatie.

Those kids at uconn are such greaties. I need to visit them soon.
by Michael Simon January 29, 2006
Its not quite love, and its not quite like. When you feel somewhere inbetween.
"I loke you"

"I dont think im ready to tell her I love her. I mean we've been dating for only four months. Its more.. its more of a loking"
by Michael Simon February 08, 2006
when someone talks out their ass so much they might as well wear it as a hat.
'that kid is such an asshat. do you believe what he just said?"

'anyone who thinks marriage should be outlawed is such an asshat'
by Michael Simon January 29, 2006
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