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The result of the subject's inability to handle their intake of alcohol or drugs.

Symptoms of being "on a whitey" include vomiting, nausea, tiredness, unconsciousness, and a pale facial complexion (which is how the term came out).

Can also be used as an exclamation of disappointment.

This term is most used as a slang term inside the UK.
"Haha John's on a whitey"

"He's just whitey'd all over the floor"

"You forgot to bring it? Aww whitey"
by Michael S January 21, 2004
Character from the Preacher comics by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (Vertigo DC).
When his hero Kurt Cobain committed suicide, Sheriff Hugo Root's son shot himself in the face with a shotgun.
The suicide attempt failed though, and the reconstructive surgery left the boy with a large wrinkly hole in his face.
As Proinsias Cassidy the Irish Vampire put it, "that fella's got a face like an arse!", and so the boy adopted the name for himself and soon became a rock icon with the help of record producer Gene Sergeant (who later screwed him and ran off with the money).
"Uh uhm Uhfuh!" (I am Arseface)
by Michael S May 06, 2004
Honestly...why are there two "Ls" in bulldozer anyways?
This guy in Colorado destroyed thirteen buildings with an armored buldozer!
by Michael S June 09, 2004

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