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1- A word used to show discontent. Synonyms include "fiddle sticks" or "God damnit!"
2- A word used to show suprise. Synonyms include "What the?" "Jesus Christ!" and "Holy Shit!!!"
1- Manager: Yeeeah, so bob called in sick, so i'm gonna have to ask you to work another shift.

Disgruntled Employee: Oh balls!

2. Friend who sees a bird about to fly at his friend: WATCH OUT!

Startled Friend: HOLY BALLS
by Michael Grab July 10, 2008
when a man gets so good at having sex he loses his status as a "tester." His testicles evolve into sexticles!
You: You're leaving me for that Michael guy aren't you?

Your Girlfriend: Yes... Damn he hot some sexticles!!!
by Michael Grab July 10, 2008

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