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When you have opportunity for several days off from work/school/any type of responsibility spent partying, eating, watching TV, sleeping, etc., but NOT showering, and wearing the same shorts/sweatpants during said time. Thusly creating a dinstinct odor to arise when getting up from the couch/chair. The odor, of course, eminating from one's stank nuts.
Dave-Hey man, why don't you come over and chill, I ain't seen ya in like 4 days!
Mike-Ok, but first I gotta get a shower to get ridda my stank nuts.
by Michael Chojnacki October 10, 2007
A department store chain whose management practices are questionable to say the least, up to and including the practice of allowing the management's "pets" to work 40 hours a week during the slow season, and giving you 4 hours that same week. Of course, after your 4 hour shift, they generally ask you to stay later to help THEM out.
Expect great things. NOT
Dave-Man, these managers are REAL AssKohl's.

Mike-I heard that, but they make the schedule, man.
by Michael Chojnacki January 25, 2008
A girl who Fromma distance looks GREAT, but once you get closer to her, looks terrible.
Dave-Man, last night I saw a girl and I thought I was in love, but she was a fromma girl, because fromma cross the bar, she looked HOT....but when I walked over to her, it was SKANK city!
Mike=Damn, bro.....sorry to hear that....so did she put out??
by Michael Chojnacki October 30, 2007
Any activity which might be considered to be straight up WHACK....such as watching a dog-fight or stealing kids' Halloween candy. Also, anything involving harming children, innocent animals and innocent people in general. Pretty much anything that you KNOW better than to do, such as harmful or even "frowned upon" activity, including theft, vandalism, harassment, etc., but can, surprisingly, involve watching golf and other NON-sports such as NASCAR.
Dave-Hey Mike, let's go over to the mall and snarf hood ornaments off of old Chrysler and Dodge vehicles!
Mike-No way, man! I will NOT engage in such Whacktivity!!
by Michael Chojnacki October 15, 2007
The rash (over the last several years) of misspellings, misuses and mispronunciations of every-day words, especially on the bottom of the screen "tickers" on news channels, and the sad fact of acceptance of these mistakes.
Mispronounce-SupposEDly. NOT- supposively, supposubly,supposofly, etc..

Misuse of words-Indigenous instead of indigent

Misspellings-TendONitis, not tendINitis.
AdvisOR, not advisER.

This could also lend itself to beginning sentences with "and" or "but".

Mike-I'm going down to the Tigers game tonight.

Dave-Better leave early, supposively there's new contruction on 94.

Mike-Dude, you mean supposEDly. These damn phonic booms are becoming much too frequent.
by Michael Chojnacki August 30, 2008
When at work, the finger you use when pointing to the "pet" person or "ass kisser" to whom you generally assign the easiest tasks, indicating that they are your bitch.
Jenny is usually the recipient of my bitch-finger, because she always brings me coffee in the morning.
by Michael Chojnacki October 10, 2007
A condition, usually contracted by 6-10 year old children, which forces those afflicted to DVR ALL episodes of SpongeBob, Drake and Josh, Ruff Life, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, etc.. The affliction is usually so crippling to one's common sense that options such as NEW ONLY and ONCE are ignored in lieu of ALL episodes. The afflicted often ignore the fact that they will NEVER have the time or want to put forth the effort to watch said episodes, let alone realize that the DVR memory could NOT POSSIBLY hold so many recordings. This affliction, if not treated immediately and swiftly, often leads to another affliction referred to as "blistered ass".
Dave-Hey man, why don't you DVR the football game, and after work tonight, I will come over and watch it with you.

Mike-I will, my man, but first I have to make sure that there is room on the DVR, because I think Caleb came down with a case of DVRitis.
by Michael Chojnacki September 01, 2008

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