34 definitions by Mia

baby faced golden child that will take the world by storm (or bash)
man knows what he want out of life
by mia November 15, 2003
Grosse, EEW!!!,Disturbingly Gross
Kelly, that is Gross-A-Losse
by Mia November 07, 2003
a guy, often one who has done time in prison, who is confident of his fighting skills and has been through hard times
I like them rough neck thugged, out guys.
by mia December 04, 2004
short for boffin
ur sch a boff
by mia October 25, 2003
slang for money; like "dough"
going to work, gotta make the dolo.
by mia August 29, 2003
a good girl
she puts cussions in to make her ass look bigger
by mia October 22, 2003

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