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3 definitions by Mhc

The act of placing one's hand on another person's face and pushing the person backwards.
The brotha' stepped to me, so I mushed him.
by MHC May 26, 2003
1. adv. exquisitely indolent, excessively slothful, a lazy ass
2. n. a rather fine looking young gentleman with original attitude to work, a fuckable lazy ass
1. That son of ours is really Fux_Deluxe, you can tell by the way his room looks like goddamn Baghdad.
2. I'd be his girlfriend and fuck him regularly, if he did the dishes at least once a year - he's a real Fux_Deluxe.
by Mhc July 07, 2003
annoying woman; bitch; emasculated male
Four square is for blauses!
by MHC October 28, 2004