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proper noun. (Ploo'-tun) also (Ploo'-tahn); A member of a proposed category of planetoids (Plutons) being politicized by pseudoscientist geocentrist committee members of the International Astronomical Union in a conspiracy to eventually strip Pluto of Planetary status. Etymology from vulgar Latin, Pluton, the Roman equivalent of Hades, and still contemporary name of the ninth planet in Spanish.
Recently, Caltech scientists believed they had discovered larger Plutons than Pluto itself. Three of the largest Plutons are pending names though have been informally christened Xena, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Desk astronomers are working 9-5 a decision of whether they are "planets" or simply Plutons - and whether a Pluton is a planet or not.
by MexicoDoug August 16, 2006
noun. (croo'-tun) Alternate name for Trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), a planetoid composed of ice and frozen space cement: possibly a corruption of the words "Tons of Crud" combined with assonance on "Pluto". See Pluton definition 2.
Clyde Tombaugh discovered the first of the Crutons at Lowell Observatory in 1930. It was named named Pluto, a planet, though it fell short of being the more massive Planet X he sought.
by MexicoDoug August 16, 2006

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