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The greatest rap artists that ever lived, forming their own style and staying in the game longer than most rappers (they have been around since 93)
9 guys from various parts of new york , forming the greatst rap group ever.
Yo the world is shifty , we livin' just enough from the city , the rough witty killer bee sting, is like the jiggy.,
by Meth October 08, 2003
a backstabbling lieing son of a bitch basterd break up with someone so he can "go out" with his ex who says that she loves him but prolly doesnt. oh yea he said to my friend that he had no dick. player major.
its not because of her its what i want
by Meth April 18, 2005
hey brudda got a dolla
by meth October 11, 2003
User name on the ebaumsworld forum. From Chicago, lives in the city, not the suburbs. This user name can be heard in a song called Method Man on Enter The 36 Chambers. Perhaps more notably known as the title of a Rolling Stones song.
Hey you get off my cloud, you don't know me and you don't know my style.
by Meth September 09, 2004
An ounceoz of drugs. Weed, coke, shrooms, ect..ect.
What up John Dillinger, let me cop that o-zillinger
by Meth September 09, 2004
A bad ass German gun, favored by Navy SEALS and the like. They make the MP5, USP and SOCOM.
I have a Heckler and Koch USP .40 compact. I cuddle with it before I go to bed.
by Meth December 11, 2003
1.)A rejected kid who realizes goths are queers, and wisely opts not to dress up like the guy from the Cure. He instead sits in his closet, plotting his revenge.
2.)A goth who chooses to worship the dark lord in his closet.
1.)That kid is closet goth. He don't externalize his rage/pain by dressing up like a fag. Don't fuck with him yo he is a damn ticking time bomb.
2.)Q.Why don't you come to our goth party? A.I only worship satan in my closet.
by Meth December 11, 2003

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