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A mispronunciation of "Zerg", a race in Starcraft. Usually used by either:

1. Idiots who can't spell
2. People mocking others who fit example 1
OMFG Karigan is a zargs!!!1!
by MetaPaladin October 30, 2003
Term used by Linux or Mac zealots who think their operating system is godly, when they don't realize that every operating system has its flaws. Sure, Windows has the occasional crash or security problem, but they fix it.
I use Windows because I actually want my computer to be compatible with a few games. Oh, and my Windows XP computer hasn't crashed for almost a year now.
by MetaPaladin November 24, 2003
First-person shooter that is good and solid, but horribly overrated. People tout this as "the greatest game ever made" when it doesn't even come close to the greatness of Half-Life, Counter-Strike, or Unreal Tournament. The only people who think it's the best game ever are those who bought an Xbox and wanted to make the most of it.
Halo fanboy: OMG Halo is teh best game evar!!1
Me: Yeah, if you're nothing but a graphics whore.
by MetaPaladin November 23, 2003
A word used to express that something tastes good.
That cake was good. Yum.
by MetaPaladin October 31, 2003

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