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Another half wit rapper, but unlike the others this guy takes full advantage of everyone's love of ebonics by naming himself 50 Cent. Pronounced "fitteeay scent" this term is highly amusing to yell out loud for no reason in a ghetto drawl
"God damn it, fitteeay scent!!!!!!!!"

"Hot shit nigga!!! Hot shit, fitteeay scent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Meshuggah February 11, 2003
What inane stupid people call Thanksgiving in a failed attempt to sound cute.
Idiot #1 - I can't wait to get me some jibblets on Turkey Day!

Person #2 - Shut the fuck up dumbass.
by Meshuggah November 27, 2003
(pron; suck-a) Used in reference to someone who's about to feel the mighty sting of your pimp cane for being a fool or idiot. Usually after they done went and messed up some of yo normally dope shizz.
"Damn it sucka, you fucked up now!"
"Shiiit that was my Colt 45 sucka..."
by Meshuggah February 05, 2003
Girls who like or lick other girls for fun sport or profit, either way watching them is a favorite past time for 85% of men. The fantasy of the lesbian(s) is often shattered by the fact that most lesbians are not gorgeous big tittied coeds as portrayed in such classic nature films as "Beaver Hunt" and "Where The Boys Aren't" but infact the majority are asexual carpet cleaning wannabe men without the proper attatchments.
"My pants get tight whenever I see those hot lesbians."

"Those feminazi's are a bunch of mullet wearing lesbians"
by Meshuggah February 05, 2003
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