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an open way for vehicles, persons, and animals; route, path
The trucks drove on the road
by Merriam Webster January 20, 2003
Etymology: French or Latin; French juvénile, from Latin juvenilis, from juvenis

1 a : a delinquent : a young person
2 : of ,relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for children or young people <juvenile books>
Joe is a juvenile because he did graffiti on the wall.
by Merriam Webster July 06, 2004
Awesome, mind-blowing, and/or brilliant.
When I think of how amazing it was, I can only think of one word: Ramsi.
by Merriam Webster July 13, 2004
1. A fight or competition, usually good humored, between two males both seeking the same female's attention.

2. A petty thug.
When the pretty new receptionist started work, everyone in the office knew that there would be a serious rod battle between Russ and Paul.
by Merriam Webster January 15, 2003
An angel. A princess. A term endearing the most beautiful girl in the world. The most special, most wonderful girl in the whole world.
Geraldine could not believe that nie-nie was actually his. What a lucky boy!
by Merriam Webster August 22, 2003
A community website filled primarily w/ faggots, losers, sluts, and one really cool guy named gimp.
Today I wasted my entire day at interfusions.
by Merriam Webster August 22, 2003
Derogatory spelling of a Korean person named Min Suk Oh

also called:
Man Suk Oh
Oh Fuk Men
Man Fuk Oh
Oh Cum Men
Man Suk
Man Fuk
Man suk likes the penis.
Oh Suks Men sucks men.
Minne has a boyfriend.
Man fuk speaks perfect engrish.
Men Fuk sez "Shut mouf, beech!"
by Merriam Webster February 19, 2003

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