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Young woman or teenage girl with a vast fanny due to excessive unsafe penetration often accompanied by a horde of small children all fathered by different men.
Concerned father to his son: "Beware of girls called Kylie, Chardonnay, Crystal, Sharon, Vicky - they're more than likely to have council cunts..."
#bucket fanny #bucket cunt #wellington boot #chav #std
by Meringue Garcia September 28, 2007
A particularly garish yellow-gold jewellery favoured by chavs, pikeys and viewers of The Jeremy Kyle Show - thick hooped earrings, sovereign rings and tongue studs in particular. See the Elizabeth Duke range at Argos.
Middle class university student 1 on bus: "See that girl pushing that pram, eating a box of KFC, with her fat belly sticking out and tattooes everywhere...."

Middle class university student 2 on bus: "Yup"

Middle class university student 1 on bus: "Bet her clit's pierced with council gold.."
#chavs #sovereign rings #single mum #bling #shit taste
by Meringue Garcia September 28, 2007
A random one-off night of rough, drunken sex with a stranger, often outside in an alley or car park, which results in:

1. (for women) - you falling pregnant
2. (for men)- you being presented with a baby 9 months later; you being confronted by a teenager 18 years later claiming to be your offspring
3. (for both men and women)- you contracting one or more STDs
4. all of the above
Hungover university student 1: "Jesus I feel rough - think I ended up having council sex outside the union..."
Hungover university student 2: "I'd get myself down the family planning clinic if I was you."
#one night stand #chastit #; stud #slag #sex job
by Meringue Garcia September 28, 2007
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