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The black member of the al-Queda that is usually the prankster of the group.
Tortured Man writing in journal: "While the towelheads made threats to my life and family, the al-Roker sat there and made degrading and humorous comments about the size of my dick."
by Mepman February 17, 2012
The best gun ever. A one-hit kill with every shot. If you have this gun, you will win, period.
Jimmy was 0-16 on the leaderboard, then he the Golden Gun, and his luck changed.

golden gun the man with the golden gun
by Mepman January 09, 2011
To waterbaord, except with large amounts of coca-cola, considered a worse method of torture because coca cola gets very sticky afterwards.
Steve chose to get colaboarded instead of 5 years in prison, not the best of choices for his love life.
by Mepman February 17, 2012
Those semi-smart enemies from Super Mario Bros. The only

difference from Green Paratroopas is that they don't commit

suicide when reaching a cliff, they turn around..then jump around some more.
Bowser: Of course all our Green Paratroopas are dying, only the Red Paratroopas turn around!

Goomba: Sir, that's so stupid...

by Mepman January 11, 2011
Something that just comes out your mouth when you're really screwed.
John: You know the final's tomorrow right?

Jon: Aw shit damn it!
by Mepman March 06, 2012

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