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Abreviation for, "Seriously, shut the fuck up."
"...And he said that she said I was a slut!"
by MeowWoman March 20, 2009
Someone who is urban and cityish but still sophisticated with impecable taste. And no one ever questions their fashion choices. They envy their amazing use of slang and wide range of vocabulary. They are personable and people want to talk to them. You can only be designated this term.
Britney: "Look at Grayce. Her outfit is amazing. Edgy, but stylish."

Katie:"I know, she's such a sophisticated urbanite."
by meowwoman March 02, 2009
Seriously Technical Device is a slang term for a STD.
"Hey, did hear that Amanda has a Seriously Technical Device."
"Yeah man, she's got some gadgets!"
by Meowwoman March 20, 2009
Anal Dick Disorder. A person who likes dick, in the ass.
Bob: Man, he has ADD.
Steve: Yeah, I hear he likes it hard.
by MeowWoman March 24, 2009
Obsessive Cock Disorder. When a person is obsessed with cock.
Girl: Bailey has a bad case of OCD
Girl2: You said it.
by MeowWoman March 24, 2009

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