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v. A partially sexual act; when a female (of any species; mostly humanoids) rubs the ears/lobes of a male Ferengi, creating sensual emotions and chemical reactions in the male (and sometimes in the female).

origin: Star Trek, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager.
Ferengi: "I need some love." DX
Girl: "Want a hug?"
Ferengi: =3 "How about you rub my ears?"
Girl: >=33 "A little oomox deprived, babe?"
Ferengi: |D "A little."
by MeowThisLeo February 20, 2010
n. A race of aliens from Star Trek, most commonly seen in Next Generation, and Deep Space 9.

Home planet: Ferenginar

They are renowned for their business skills, and their main goal in life is to obtain wealth in any way possible. To die rich.
Ferengi 1: "I'm dying, please help me pay for a doctor's bill!"
Ferengi 2: "Heck no! Sixth rule of Acquisition; never allow family to stand in the way of profit!"
Ferengi 1: "BUT I'M YOUR CHILD!!"
by MeowThisLeo February 20, 2010
An endearing term; can be used for lovers AND friends.
(Especially with BFFs like Remi and Marisa)
Remi: Ciao, babe! See you tomorrow!
Marisa: Eww, you sound like a beatnik! And don't call me a baby !
Remi: No, I said 'babe'!
Marisa: Oh, okay. That makes sense! See ya babe!
by MeowThisLeo February 17, 2010

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