9 definitions by Menyae Shoemaker

the period of time in the middle of the work day where you rent a motel room and spend 100 bucks on a cheap ass hooker
Man: "I'm a hit man, I'm supposed to kill a hooker today, it's my lunch break and I want sex."

Hooker: "Well when your time's up you go back to work."

Man: "In that case, when my time's up, so is yours."
by Menyae Shoemaker March 28, 2009
The day 9 months after your "Uncle" Barney spent the night with your mom because her "plumbing" needed some work.
Older man: "Happy 10th birthday Timmy!"

Older man(to mom): "Reminds me of the last time I put icing on your buns."
by Menyae Shoemaker March 28, 2009
the name given to a person of extremely high standards

an all mighty diety

a being with supernatural skills
Wow did you see that shot. He nailed it right between the eyes. The brook shoemaker of hunting.
by Menyae Shoemaker March 30, 2009
the thing you can never be because, one you're looking up ganster on the computer, and two you looked it up spelling it
g-a-n-g-s-t-e-r instead of g-a-n-g-s-t-a
wtf you dont know what a gangster is

that guy is in no way a gangster
by Menyae Shoemaker March 30, 2009
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