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Beaver, Muff, Bush, Pussy, Vagina, Furry Taco.
"Gosh Ward, you were a little hard on the Beave last night."
by Mental Midget November 15, 2003
When you have to have to take a dump really bad and it's already starting to come out. That's when you're "touching cotton".

Sometimes referred to as "crowning".
I've really gotta go, I'm "touching cotton".


I've gotta torque a moon fish bad, I'm "touching cotton".
by Mental Midget November 15, 2003
An act completed to earn your "Red Wings".
Eating a girl out during her period. Or to perform cunnilingus during the end of the monthly menstrual cycle when menstrual flow is present.
by Mental Midget November 15, 2003

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