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Okay, listen. Memphis is a great city. A lot of people on here keep saying that Memphis is uncultured and has the highest crime rate. Okay, well, Memphis has Beale Street, the National Civil Rights Muesem, and a whole shitload of other stuff. What does your city have? Nothing. And the 64% African American population in Memphis, why does that matter? That's just racism and being stereotypical. White people are just as bad as black people. So get over yourself because bashing Memphis doesn't make you any better than our city's government, which I will admit is very messed up. But then you go to places like Collierville and Germantown and learn that not all of Memphis is as bad as people say. The people saying crap about Memphis on here have probably never even been here. I've lived in Memphis.. well Collierville.. for four years and have been in the city a lot and I have never once gotten my car stolen, gotten mugged, gotten shot, or have seen any of these things being done. So just SHUT UP.
Memphis is amazing.
by MemphisIsAmazing July 23, 2010
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