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3 definitions by Memphis10 OG

the greatest rapper alive, currently incarcerated for some bullshit. funny as hell.
" Friday pay day so im at the shake junt, lookin for a big lick pheenin for a fat blunt, so my victim caught me one slippin on the side of the club takin a piss and no mask on face i aint really need it he can be a damn fool and he'll get heated, point blank snatch bank runnin like a track star, heart pumpin fast like i ate out the crack jar
by Memphis10 OG May 03, 2005
265 44
a male individual, who attempts to "save" women, saving meaning getting in a relationship, spending lots of money, etc, these women are plagued with STD's, drug addiction and or pregnancy.
Damn I can't believe that nigga holdin hands with that dirty hoe, she be turnin tricks on the block all day. What a Resthaven.
by Memphis10 OG May 02, 2005
37 12
to have sex, deriving from attack choch.
Damn a nigga aint get no play in a minute, i better takcho tonite whodday
by Memphis10 OG May 03, 2005
2 3