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122 definitions by Melissa

used for "wut eva" or, which is the grammatically correct saying, "what ever."
Sam: You goin to the party?
Liz: No, the party's gonna be lame.
Sam: Weva
by MeLiSSa October 29, 2004
like oh shit in a big way.used when shit wont do.
shittinass,the police are pullin us over
by melissa December 26, 2004
A pimp that wines and dines his hoes off an allowance given to him by his parents. Has been known to trick out his bitches to pay for playstation controllers, arcade tokens, and cheap bling.
See Rikki Lake, Jenny Jones, etc.
by melissa December 14, 2003

When one wants to be HUMPED. Preferably, by something HUMPABLE.

ALSO, HUMPITIVE can describe something HUMPFUL, having to do with HUMPING or anything HUMPABLE.

SYNONYM FOR HUMPFUL AND HUMPABLE, if used in the correct context. Also, a synonym for HORNY.
When you feel humpitive you feel humpable hence HOT.

"That chick's so humpative"
by Melissa December 06, 2003
A person who has a very big mouth
Sarah is muckle-mouthed
by Melissa April 16, 2005
a synonym of wow, or another way to say oh my gosh!
Dizzam, Jude law is hot!
by melissa November 21, 2004
A huge, really long terd that wraps around the inside of the toilet and almost fills it up ~PHEWWW~
Oh my god check out the canadle that dan dropped! Wow I wonder if it will flush?
by Melissa December 19, 2003