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Messing around, screwing around, jacking around, or just wasting time doing pointless things in some other way.
The teacher was pissed because the guys in the back row wouldn't quit dicking around.
by Melissa October 27, 2003
A person, the pluggee, takes a lot of Vicodin or Percocet over the course of a few days. Both of these painkillers induce severe constipation. Once the pluggee has a huge plug of shit lodged in his or her gut, the plugger greases up the skinny end of a baseball bat and inserts it into the pluggee's ass. Using the knob at the end of the baseball bat, the plugger locates the plug of shit in the pluggee's ass and commences pushing and prodding the plug of shit, massaging the prostate gland all the while, and gradually works the skinny end of the bat into the plug of shit. Once the baseball bat end is firmly lodged in the pluggee's plug of shit (thus anchoring the bat in the pluggee's ass), the plugger takes a second baseball bat and starts whacking the first baseball bat as hard as he or she can (whack sideways to vibrate the bat, don't push the bat in deeper). This will, if done right, "sting" the pluggee's ass in the same way that your palms sometimes sting when you smack a baseball bat hard against something. The whacking continues until the pluggee comes.
My boyfriend and I are going to try the Louisville Plugger next week.
by Melissa January 08, 2005
Be quiet. In other words, shut your freakin' mouth.
"Zip it Paul! You're so obnoxious."
by Melissa January 20, 2004
To discuss unimportant, random topics in a laid back, comfortable manner. Usually with good friends and dumb topics. (aka shooting the breeze)
We sat around the campfire shooting the shit.
by Melissa October 27, 2003
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