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136 definitions by Mel

sell-outs with a vocalist/guitarist that thinks he's all that. everyone says he's brilliant but if you want a real guitarist listen to John Petrucci or a proper musician you sad wannabe moshers have probably never even heard of.
To the Darkness : Who the fuck do you think you are? Rory Gallagher???
To the Darkness fans : What do you think Yngwie Malmsteen is? A breakfast cereal?
by Mel March 09, 2004
Originates from the Latino pronounciation of "man." Must be spoken by a white person, especially a girl, to have its full effect.
Hey ming, what are you doing tonight?
You coming ming?
That's a nice car you got ming!
by Mel March 26, 2003
Beast-Man-Boner , (or MBMB, MAJOR-beast-man-boner)
Last night when me and my boyfriend was making out on my bed, he got a BMBmbmb
by mel December 03, 2003
Something either completely awesome or horrible
That term paper was rah.
by Mel October 17, 2004
Anal sex. When the 71 is turn 90 degrees it looks like a person receiving anal in the doggy position.
We didn't 69 but we 71 instead and then I 86ed.
by Mel January 23, 2005
A smaller computer with no room for anything on it, battery dies in 5minutes.
I'm going to bring my laptop on the airplane so I can watch movies.
by Mel February 25, 2003
a skinny ass girl ; a girl who is anorexic-looking; a bean pole (as in Calista Flockhart)
If the wind blows too hard, that calista is gonna get knocked over flat on her ass.
by MeL April 27, 2003