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Stands for "Official Xbox Magazine," the official magazine for the popular game system known as "Xbox." The magazine comes with many reviews, previews, a disk with game demos, videos for both released and new games, special features for star games and downloads or game saves.
"Did you catch the review of Halo 2 in the December 2004 OXM? Pretty nice."
by Mehro November 01, 2004
To jump across wooden logs over-top of water, some of which are spinning on rotating wheels, and do a backflip on to the other log, but then slip off of the next one.

Derived from SpikeTV's MXC in which a contestant pulled a "full-blown scary uncle" to get to the other log in a game called "Log Drivers."
Kenny Blankenship: Wow, Vic, I think that was a full-blown scary uncle!

Vic Romano: It was indeed, Kenny.
by Mehro March 29, 2005
A great game made by Bungie for the Xbox. It was so hyped fans were expecting a life-changing experience and an ascension to the higher level of gaming. Many fans were sad when they found Halo 2 wasn't God's gift of gaming goodness, and Halo 2 was looked at as an over-rated game by many. Sadly, it was not looked upon as the great game it was by normal gamers, but Xbox fans see it as phenonmenal. They're right. The game sold way, way more than any other game ever. (That includes GTA: San Andreas.) And it made Microsoft 125 million dollar.
Guy: Halo 2 sucks! It's sooo over-rated! Wah, wah, wah!

Xbox Fan: Over 150,000 people disagree with you, idiot.
by Mehro November 15, 2004
Used in the Halo video game series and Everquest.

1. A bluebie is one who is devoted to the "blue" team in Halo and Halo 2. He will do anything in his power to obliterate all reds. If put on the red team, a bluebie will have a dangerous effect. These effects include team-killing, swearing, constant whining and stealing the best weapons/vehicles and hiding them. (Or, in some manners, blowing them up.) The bluebie is truly a marvel of discovery -- and also a very dangerous one if placed on the opposite team.

2. A bluebie in Everquest is one who will not engage in player vs. player combat.
1. Red Guy: Who's that team-killing idiot on our team? He's taking all our vehicles and sending them into blue territory!
Bluebie: For the BLUUUUUZZZZZ!!!!!

2. The bluebie refused all fight challenges. He then was made fun of.
by Mehro December 28, 2004
A "hokey" term.

What you would say when you are in a bad situation, but is not contrived as a swear word so you can't get in trouble for it.
"Aw, dilly," said Pete as his parents found him on a porn site.

"This is one dilly of a pickle."
by Mehro March 25, 2005

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