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1. in Asian communities like Little Saigon in Orange County, CA, coffee shop girls are girls that serve highly caffeinated coffee in bikinis or lingerie, and work for tips... or could negotiated into having sex for cash
Lets go to Cafe Lu in Lil' Saigon and check out the hot coffee shop girls! And get some coffee I guess.
by Mehmer September 04, 2012
An insanely amazing band hailing from Los Angeles California that consists of Stephanie Florescotron, vocals rhythm guitar and all around bad-ass, Neil Patrick, epic lead guitar and ladies man, and John, he plays the drums and quite a stud. Check them out on their myspace, facebook, or youtube!

Meg: "Hey guys, have you heard of that band Hero Status?"
Nick: "Oh yea. Those kids are insane."
Meg: "Pure talent."

otron meg & dia epic
by mehMER September 06, 2009

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