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2 definitions by Megabucks

Every college student's security. The state of perfect drunkenness in which all pole dancing, stripping, shot taking, and making out cannot be remembered. The state that helps you forget the night before.
Roommate #1:(to roommate #3) Do you remember when you danced on the table.
Roommate #2: OMG and when you made out with that freshman from PGP!!!!
Roommate #3: Wait, when did that happen, was I drunk??
Roommate #1: You are such a black out drunk!
by Megabucks January 12, 2006
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Douch danish is the almost indescribable quality that makes you love that socially awkward friend that you insult on sight.
Tish is such a douche danish.
by megabucks January 11, 2014
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