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A supposedly vulgar term that came out of my old italian neighbor when his grandson hit him in the square in the fotch with a soccer ball.
"You can't duct tape the cat u fuckin scoombadaooch!"

"Get close to me and im gunna fuckin scoombadaooch you in the face"

by Meech March 28, 2005
The way you think a portable toilet in a big tall rectangular box is spelled.
At least this is how i thought it was spelled.
"Ah man if i dont tell coach i gotta let one loose i may get a hershey surprise on the field"
by Meech March 28, 2005
wen someone is so skinny u can c their bones and they have no meat.
hey look shaun is here. he is scrannied to the max
by Meech April 10, 2005
a slang spoken when you can know longer talk right and call beer by the name "burr"
the word when a white person trys to be african american by using the "urr" at the end of the word beer
"yo 'g-dawg homie'let's go snag some burr to quench our thirst!"

"pass the burr"
by meech May 22, 2005
Let it be. To surrender to peace, not war. Accepting life on life's terms, not by our own self-limiting egos.
Her family was getting on her nerves, watching TV, not helping out with chores around the house. "Why can't they help out more? I used to get pissed, but now I just lib. Peace, dudes. I'm gonna vegetate too!!"
by Meech February 22, 2004
Avitar in Second Life
by meech May 04, 2003
"A black man who says the whistles go wooo wooo!!! because he has a little welded piece of metal inside his muffler to make his car screechingly loud for nearly a mile. so he says the whitsles go WOOOO WOOOOO!"

Also we renamed our bubbler "bubb rubb"
"wooo wooo!"

"yo pop out the bubb rubb!"
by meech May 27, 2005

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