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3 definitions by Med Student

Intercourse with a colostomy hole. Typical among inmates, and frequently discovered in the medical profession because of genital herpes virus infection around the abdominal opening.
After a session of clorching, the inmates relaxed and had a smoke.
by Med Student February 02, 2003
22 3
1) verb meaning to exist or exist as something
He be real.
by Med Student February 02, 2003
15 16
Most literally translating to "trying to get a reaction" out of somebody. Originated from a 16th century technique to determine death by literally blowing tobacco smoke into someone's anus (through a long pipe) - where a reaction indicated that the person was still alive.
Guy 1: Hey man, I think someone just stole your car!
Guy 2: Are you blowing smoke up my ass?
by Med Student November 30, 2005
223 274