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An Armenian person living in Glendale, CA
When System of a Down blew up on the radio, all these hessian Glendale-ians came out of nowhere!
by MeLJ05 January 24, 2010
normally casual
"I don't think I'm wearing a dress to the wedding; I'll propbably go casusual".
by MeLJ05 July 10, 2008
When you wake up in the morning feeling like a complete dumbass
"I woke up dead to the world and had no idea I didn't lift up the toilet seat when I pee'd...definately having a moronin"
by MeLJ05 July 10, 2008
all the garage bands that came out just as The Strokes blew up
"I was at the Whiskey A Go-Go last night to see Muse, and all the opening acts were these diet strokes".
by MeLJ05 July 10, 2008
Old person skinny
"In order for me to look hot in that Dior dress, I have to be a granerexic".
by MeLJ05 July 10, 2008
A dude stuck in the hayday of Cross Colors and high top fades while listening to the sounds of Big Daddy Kane while donning the thick gold chains; Mr. T's sons
"So I was walking around the mall when I got approached by Mr. Gold Skool who asked me if I had heard the latest Kid n Play album"
by MeLJ05 July 10, 2008
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