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A man who only shows up when he's horny, is nowhere to be found on payday and swears he's a muslim when Christmas comes around.
"My baby daddy didn't get our baby no Easter outfit, cuz he said he's Jewish now and can't go against his religion to celebrate Easter"
by Me Myself and I July 29, 2003
only the hottest baddest mann alive anyone that hates is gay
a.b.k is the shit mann
by me myself and i May 02, 2005
a tube, shaped food that consists of dog testicles, cat eyeballs, moose noses, raccoon spleens and other wholesome animal parts
I ate a hotdog yesterday...I'm in the hospital today
by Me Myself and I July 29, 2003
An operating system designed to help learn them cpsc majors why they should drop out.
"I was an A+ student until Nachos."
by Me Myself and I November 14, 2003

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