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German noodles, or when you think it's going to be a fart and you end up spraying the inside of your shorts.
I'll have the Jagerschnitzel mit spatzel.

Dude, I think I just made some spatzel in my drawers...
by ME! January 09, 2003
the hottest old guy in hollywood!!!!!!
for some reason i always thought that his name was spelt jonny
....i liked it better that way.....
by me! January 11, 2005
truly sexylicious, absolutely adorable, and utterly gorgeous!
ej is mr hot!!!!
by me! September 11, 2003
Main Entry: boof
Pronunciation: 'büf
Etymology: American. My husband and I made this word up.

1: v. to fall out anywhere - the floor, bed, couch, ground.
2. n. a ghetto way to pronounce "boof".

Main Entry: boof
Pronunciation: 'büf
Etymology: Middle English bothe, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse buth booth; akin to Old English buan to dwell -- more at BOWER
1 : a temporary shelter for livestock or field workers
2 a : a stall or stand (as at a fair) for the sale or exhibition of goods b (1) : a small enclosure affording privacy for one person at a time <a telephone booth> <polling booth> (2) : a small enclosure that isolates its occupant especially from patrons or customers <a ticket booth> (3) : an isolated enclosure used in sound recording or in broadcasting <a radio booth> c : a restaurant seating arrangement consisting of a table between two high-back benches

: A ghetto way of saying "booth.
Boof as a verb - "I was so tired after work, I boofed on the couch!"

Boof as a noun - "Yo, where da nearest fone boof at?"
by Me! April 15, 2004
cool awsome great
dude im a fu*king sav
by me! October 14, 2003
The coolest place in Alberta. Home to lots of hot chicks. Yes, there are some sluts, but what place doesn't have them? Hosts the Calgary Stampede, known as "the greatest outdoor show on earth." The Stampede kicks the ass out of Klondike Days! And for all you idiots we do to have fucking trees! The coolest place...
I live in the most amazing place ever, being Calgary.
by me! August 26, 2004
1. Someone who has absolutely no life.
2. SOmeone who's muscles are bigger than his brains.
3. Someone whose muscles are absolutely non-existant
4. Someone who cannot be any more gay than he is now....
5. supipoop luvs **** ...............srry that was totally irrelevent
Z-Panda's fuck friend runs away with his pubic hair
by me! April 06, 2003

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